Wedding catering FAQs

June 23, 2011

We know wedding planning can be confusing…negotiating with multiple vendors, making choices every day that affect the bottom line of your budget, and ensuring your style and taste are represented at one of the biggest days of your life.

That said, in today’s blog entry, we are featuring some of the most often asked customer questions that our event planners and cuisine specialists encounter, to help take the guess work out of your JPC planning process.  Remember …no question is ever too big or to small, inconsequential or mundane when you are planning a wedding.


Q.  What is your policy on food tastings?

JPC:  We offer one complimentary food tasting to our contracted patrons for up to 4 guests.  You have the option of setting a chef’s choice food tasting before selecting a menu for inspiration, or later in the planning process to taste the actual menu that you have selected.  Should you desire any additional food tastings, they are charged at $20 per person to cover the cost of food and staffing to create.

We have adopted this policy in order to assist in keeping our pricing as affordable as possible for our clients, and yet still allow for their food quality assurance.


Q.  What is the production fee listed on my contract and final invoice?

JPC:  At JPC we charge a production fee rather than service gratuities or service charges on your event.  This fee covers the following items and staffing needs–

service staff and event captains to service your event, culinary staffing to prepare your food and be on site at the event, administrative hours spent in correspondence, phone and meetings with you, food tasting and menu planning appointments, placing orders for linens and other items on your behalf,  installation of the linens and/or chair covers, equipment usage and maintenance for those items necessary for the execution of your event {trays, decor pieces for food displays, serving bowls, chafers, grills, convection oven, refrigeration and more that is brought onsight},  liability insurance to cover any damages or injuries caused by our staff or our equipment to any guests or property, vehicle insurance and costs of delivery and fuel charge.    


Q.  What is “water service?”

JPC:  At JPC we offer ice water at each table in a self-service format in silver or clear plastic water pitchers.  A banquet goblet is included at each place setting and guests may assist themselves to water as they desire.  Servers check and replenish the pitchers throughout the event.  This self-service format is included complimentary in each china package that we offer.

Should you desire us to service the water by pouring each glass throughout the event, or providing citrus slices,  there is an additional service charge for this.  Ask your JPC planner for details on this upgraded option.  Beverage service in urns for your event or cocktail hour is also available as an upgraded add-on option and generally includes iced tea, citrus water, lemonade or a seasonal punch.  Costs are based upon the components included.


Q.  What is a “coffee station?”

JPC:  At JPC we offer a coffee station that includes commercial percolating urns, white porcelain coffee mugs, sweetener and creamer for $1 per person.  As a rule coffee is prepared and available from dinner service through the end of our services at your event in a self-service format.  Please speak with your server should you desire an extended coffee station time frame to include cocktails/appetizers.

Should you desire tableside coffee service either in insulated carafes for self-service or served by servers, there is an upgraded fee for those options.  Additionally, specialty items like flavored stir-ins, syrups, specialty creamers and more can be added to create a gourmet coffee experience.


Q.  How do your Bar Services work?

JPC:  At JPC we offer PA RAMP certified and insured bartending services to our clients.  Our bar services can be structured only to include the bar service staff with you providing everything you desire from cups and ice to beer and wine.  We also offer full mixer packages that include cups, cocktail napkins, stirers, garnishes, soda, juices and seltzer water.  Additionally, we can provide full bar service at any location where we cater under the new PA Liquor laws instituted by Governor Corbett on June 26, 2011.  Check with your JPC Planner for details about our full bar packages.

The JPC Rental Division can also provide glass service for your bar to include champagne flutes, wine stems, martini glasses, rocks and shot glasses, and beer or beverage glasses.  See our wedding brochure for a list of the “per stem” pricing on our glassware rentals.


Q.  Can I use only certain services without your culinary catering?

JPC:  JPC is a full service event group, meaning that our individual divisions can offer you services without catering.  These items would include:

  • full or limited event planning, and day of direction services at any location
  • rental and installation of linens at any location
  • floral and decor services at any location
  • equipment rentals

***Please note that we do NOT offer outside wedding cakes.  They are only available with our catering services.


We hope the above list of questions and answers has been helpful, and we will continue this series to answer more of your frequent questions in the weeks to come.  We are always here to answer your inquiries and assist with our services in any way.  Please email us at or fill out our website contact us form and your inquiry will be routed to the proper staff member.  Or leave a comment below and we will respond.

Happy Planning!
Allyson Veronesi,  Event Planner

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