Wedding catering FAQs #2

June 24, 2011

Ah…the cookie display.  A big trend based in Western PA. and a small portion of Eastern Ohio.  Folks from other parts of the country scoff at the magnitude and enourmousness of it!  but we say they are just jealous.

But that leads us to the JPC cookie policy…. an often discussed item at our wedding planning meetings.


Q.  Will you display my cookies for me?

We will display our JPC baked cookies at no additional charge with a purchase over 50 dozen.  This includes our display equipment at no charge, but linens will be billed on your final event invoice. 

For those cookies not baked by JPC, there is a display fee based upon the dozens being provided that includes the use of our display equipment and the labor of our staff.  You are also responsible for providing any napkins or plates that you wish to have on the display, and for the costs of any linens necessary for the display. 

Q.  Can you provide cookies for my cookie display at a JPC Event Group catered event?

Yes.  At JPC Event Group our sous chefs in the pastry division make an amazing array of cookies all fresh baked with the best ingredients.  We have created a range of volume purchase packages from our list of over 50  types of cookies that make it easy for you– just tell us how many dozen you desire, and we do the rest.  

Only need a few dozen to add to what you have already baked?  We can do that too at a per dozen price based upon the selections you choose.


Q.  Do you provide cookies without your catering services?

Unfortunately, at this time we are not offering outside cookie services.


Now I am hungry enough talking about all these cookies to go bake some….


Paisley Rete
Event Specialist


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