Venue Spotlight Stambaugh Auditorium

January 8, 2010


Henry H. Stambaugh, local industrialist and philanthropist, bequeathed to the people of Youngstown and the surrounding areas a magnificent structure on what was then the northernmost part of Youngstown.   Built at a cost of less than two million dollars, the Auditorium was intended to be used for the enjoyment, pleasure, entertainment and education of the community.

Today the Auditorium hosts weddings, civic organizations, concerts and numerous other functions.  The high usage of the building certainly can be attributed to the size, convenience and flexibility of the various available areas.  Many lovely and grand interior spaces exist for events, as well as a stunning garden:

  • The Ballroom: The 9700 square foot ballroom directly below the auditorium is used for wedding receptions, dinners, dances, fundraisers and many other types of functions and special events. It has a small permanent stage, an installed speaker system and a fully equipped kitchen. A bar is available upon request. With tables and chairs available to seat 550 the space is also versatile for large events.


  • The Anne Christman Memorial Hall: The Ann Christman Memorial Hall, is a smaller hall used for wedding ceremonies, formal or business dinners, fund raisers, parties, showers and more. The ornate ceiling and columns, marble benches, and lovely chandeliers create a glowing ambience for any special evening.



  • The Lobbies:  More gorgeous special event space exists in the form of two large lobbies.   


  • The Garden:  In good weather a popular spot for weddings or parties of various types is the formal garden. Located on the south side of the building, the garden houses a fountain that is used during special events. Parties and cocktail hours frequently are held here as are wedding ceremonies.  

    Jody’s Pantry Catering is proud to be accepted on the preferred caterer’s list of this amazing venue and we encourage our patrons to tour the facility for their upcoming special events and wedding receptions. 

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