Top Wedding Food Trends for 2016

January 18, 2016

From family-style service to out-of-the-box breads, Martha Stewart Weddings dishes on what will take over wedding menus—and your Pinterest feed, of course.


Spirit Stations

Spirit stations were a hit in 2015 and they’re getting even bigger in 2016. This year, wedding couples are beginning to customize their spirit stations with personalized beverages, DIY banners, and fresh flowers according to 24 Carrots.



Family-Style Service

Birchtree Catering says family style eating will take over 2016. Couples want beautiful, well-presented food that feels more like an intimate dinner party than anything else.



Craft Cocktails

This year, couples are shaking up their cocktail game with his and hers cocktails, beer cocktails, and housemade infusions like this spicy paloma by MIHO Catering Co.



Personalized Stations with Mini Bites

Personalize your own station with snack-sized food of the groom’s favorite dish or whatever food you ate on your first date. 24 Carrots created a station with mini bowls of ramen where guests can go crazy with their own toppings.



Interactive Chefs

Couples are featuring stations with interactive chefs to create a memorable experience for guests. This year, anything from custom-made ravioli to one-of-a-kind sushi rolls will be popular.



Late-Night Snacks

Couples are starting to serve late-night snacks to guests during the middle of the reception instead of waiting for the end. This coffee-based dessert from 24 Carrots is the perfect sweet snack to give guests a boost of energy while they’re dancing.



Expanded Cocktail Hour

Now, cocktail hours are becoming longer with hearty dinner-like bites, like this ricotta gnocchi with short rib ragu and charred litchi tomatoes according to Birchtree Catering.



Out-of-the-Box Breads

Now it’s less about traditional baguettes and more about an array of beautiful, carefully chosen breads. Birchtree Catering says to imagine your reception dinner beginning with toasted cornbread, grissini, or brioche.



Vegetarian Superstars

Fresh, local produce is becoming the star of the meal instead of just a side dish says 24 carrots. Heartier dishes like grilled butternut squash topped with roasted poblano and corn relish, queso fresco, and fresh coriander, is an easy way to add color and flavor into your dining experience.



-This piece originally appeared on Martha Stewart Weddings.

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