Styling: Engagement Party

November 14, 2011

We adore our staff family at JPCEG, and just as with any nuclear family, we get pretty excited when there are milestones like engagements, weddings, births, graduations and more.  When the subject of Monica and Mark’s engagement photos came up… we knew just the place and the look for this uber cute and oh so perfect for one another couple!

JPCEG photographer Sarah Winkler, event planner Allyson Veronesi and owners Richard & Jody Wimer headed out to the barn on an unseasonably cold October Sunday to hang with the Wimer family horses Murphy and Ariel and we LOVE the results! 

Seriously?  Could these too be any cuter?  Oh Monica and Mark are so cute too! haha!

Gratuitous engagement ring shot! {Expertly staged by Rick :)}

Ariel prefers her left profile best!   What a fab time we all had… and if this was such a fun, memorable, wonderful time…we can’t wait for the wedding next year!


Blog credits:
photography: Sarah Winkler Photography for JPCEG
location: Ariel & Murphy’s humble abode
styling: Ariel, Murphy, and Rick Wimer

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