Adding the Famous Smiley Cookie to your "Pittsburgh Cookie Table!"

August 5, 2016

If you have ever been to a wedding in Pennsylvania, then you know that one of our most common and most delicious wedding traditions is the “Pittsburgh Cookie Table!” For years, Pittsburghers have been presenting the cookie table to their guests to enjoy {and even take home if their lucky} cookies from a wide range of delicious flavors and styles.  Often the cookies are prepared by family members in advance of the reception, but it is not uncommon for cookies to also come from nearby bakeries!

Recently, we have noticed that a well-known regional cookie has been making it’s way into the wedding world! That is right– the local favorite Eat N Park “Smiley Cookie” is now being created to fit the glitz and glam of your wedding day.  Even customizable, smiley now welcomes you to choose colors that match your wedding day, or add your monogram. How fun!

Luckily for us, Eat N Park sent us over samples of the new cookies to see for ourselves, {and to taste, yum! } We were pleasantly surprised with the cute designs and sparkles.

Here are some photos from our delivered package:

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For more information visit, or to order over 10 dozen customized cookies for your wedding day, you can contact


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