Professional Crush: Craig Photography

March 5, 2014

Vast talent, loads of experience, and an extreme dedication to their craft sum up our next crush to a T– John and Elizabeth Craig of Craig Photography!  The husband and wife team work magic with your memories.  (Check us out having a blast together– on Style Me Pretty!}

Q: What inspired you to get into photography?

A: We’ve always been attracted to the story and the image.  Wedding photography always completed our artistic needs and getting to be a part of a family’s living history is very fulfilling.

Q: What is your favorite part of what you do?

A: Documenting the story of the day.  No day is ever the same and every wedding has it’s own individual and internal story.  Nothing beats photographing such a joyous, memorable and fun day!  Capturing reactions and emotions is the best job ever.

Q: Describe your photography to someone who has never seen it.

A:  John and I shoot very differently, so it’s like getting a full day of photography with his eyes, and full day of photography with my eyes.  That’s a lot of photos from 2 different perspectives.  I tend to photograph a very feminine and magazine-style.  John tends to photograph more photojournalistic so it’s a wonderful mix for our clients.  Our perfect couple is one that allows their day to unfold naturally, forgets we are there and allows themselves to fully enjoy their wedding day and the start of their marriage.


Q: What is your favorite engagement shoot location in the city?

A: We don’t really have one. 🙂  Each couple is different and luckily Pittsburgh is chock full of beautiful and romantic locations.  So whether our couple is more urban or rural we can easily select a location for their style.  But our favorite time of the day to photograph is dusk so we can soak up that beautiful, warm, yummy light.

Q: What is the best tip you can give to your brides and grooms?

A: In case of emergency breathe and smile. 🙂  But really, just enjoy your day.  Don’t overthink your day and allow the pros to do their jobs.  Allow your day to unfold naturally and trust us to document every moment of it.


Q:  What is your favorite ‘burgh wedding tradition?

A:  Ohhhhhh…. the cookie table. 🙂  John and I have become total experts in cookies.  Yes, we judge you on your cookies. 😉


Q:  What is a fun suggestion for couples to incorporate in their wedding day?

A:  First Look, for those that want to add a non-traditional element to their day.  It allows our couples to have that first moment on their wedding day in an intimate setting and share that moment with just the 2 of them.  For our more traditional couples we recommend having a pseudo- first look.  Whether it’s with each of them behind a door reaching around to touch hands or a personal note to each other sharing some loving words before walking down the aisle, it just sets the tone for the day.

Q:  Share one of your most memorable moments while photographing a wedding.

A:  We covered a gorgeous Italian wedding that incorporated a lot of old-world traditions.  This one in particular has always stuck with us because it was so cool.  Back in the day, in Italy, brides and grooms only fed their wedding party meals.  Guests were not treated to any food in an effort to save money.  So during the reception, the women of the village would bring out big baskets of prosciutto sandwiches and toss wrapped sandwiches into the crowd to feed the dancing and partying crowds joining in on the celebration.  And that’s exactly what this bride and groom did (at the end of the night after feeding their guests a full and yummy meal.)  The groomsmen brought out big apple bushel baskets and tossed wrapped prosciutto sandwiches and it was so much fun capturing that!  The crowd went wild!


Q:  What is your most important lesson learned from your own wedding?

A:  To be together on your wedding day.  A lot of couples allow the chaos of the day to separate them physically on their wedding day or to interupt their enjoyment of the day.  Be together.  John and I went off to Vermont and spent a week there, just the 2 of us, and got married.  We came back and had a small dinnner for friends and family but nothing can make me forget the time we spent together, forming our first memories as husband and wife.  So enjoy your day.  Soak in it together and never leave each other’s side for the night.  It makes a difference in your memories, your feelings for each other and definitely in your photographs.


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