Professional Crush: Caitlin Thomas Photography

March 4, 2014

So we started a crush-fest of fabulous wedding professionals, and our favorite venues… next up is Caitlin Thomas Photography.  We’ve worked with Caitlin on multiple events over the past three years and can honestly say that her clients love her and so do we.  {See us together working hard– on Style Me Pretty!}

Q: What inspired you to get into photography?

A: At age nine I stole my mother’s old Minolta film camera and started organizing photo shoots with my family and friends.  I continued photographing anything and everything, and took some photography courses in high school.  In college I started my business photographing models and occasionally families.  By 2008 I decided I wanted to delve into weddings.  I shot my first wedding for free, and fell in love with the people, the raw emotion, and the excitement of wedding days.  The rest is history!


Q: What is your favorite part of what you do?

A: I love the people.  I love being a part of some of the happiest times in my clients lives.  Being able to express myself creatively while capturing these intimate, important moments is the best.

Q: Describe your photography to someone who has never seen it.

A: I like to think of my photography as being what my clients would want to capture of themselves.  I am always looking for little moments that might otherwise be forgotten.  It is clean, fun, emotional.


Q:  What is your favorite engagement shoot location in the city?

A: I love anything with great color, architecture, and light.  I love the Mexican Warstreets on the Northside of the city, and wide open fields.  I usually ask my clients to think about a location that is meaningful to them.  Anything that invokes happy thoughts is the perfect spot.  I have photographed clients in front of the brides grandparents house, and in restaurants where they had their first kiss.  The possibilities are endless.


Q: What is the best tip you can give to your brides and grooms?

A: Enjoy the process.  Be yourself, and make your wedding a celebration of the love you share.


Q: What is a fun suggestion for couples to incorporate into their wedding day?

A: Incorporate YOU into every nook and cranny of your wedding.  Whether you are traditional or whimsical, your wedding should be a reflection of you.  My husband and I had a milkshake bar at the end of the night.  Guests are still talking about it.  Do something uniquely you, whether it is food, decor, dance, music, photo locations, readings, entertainment, etc.

Q: Share one of your most memorable moments while photographing a wedding.

A: The most memorable moments for me are often little moments on a wedding day.  One of my favorite wedding memories was last fall at an elopement I shot on the side of a hill.  The weather was perfect, the leaves had just turned.  It was totally serene and very different from the usual hustle and bustle of wedding days.

Q: What is your most important lesson learned from your own wedding?

A: We learned the importance of planning for a marriage rather than just a wedding.  Being in the wedding industry, I have seen it all.  I knew from the beginning that planning a wedding would be difficult, and sometimes it was hard to remember to step back and remind ourselves WHY we were planning the event.

To contact the uber-talented Caitlin Thomas:

facebook– caitlinthomasphotography
twitter– ohcaity

Venue Credits:  
Mattress Factory
Barn at FallingWater


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