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July 31, 2015

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At JPC, we bring your vision to life with real people, real design, real food and real passion. Included in the “real” people are our talented vendors. This week, we are crushing on an amazingly real and super talented woman, Leeann Marie. Leeann Marie has always called Pittsburgh home and is an incredible photographer, lifestyle blogger, mom, businesswoman and owner of Leeann Marie Photographers.

 With strong roots in the Steel City, this “big city photographer for the hometown bride” believes in tackling the world and celebrating your dreams and successes, while still making time for a good bonfire and being daddy’s little girl.

Get to Know Leeann Marie of Leeann Marie Photographers:

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How far in advance do I need to book with you?

“My typical wedding books about a year in advance, however there are some brides that are WAY on top of things with their wedding photography reservation and will book even a year and a half in advance. Typically, I do not open for the coming calendar year until January of the previous one (so no 2017 weddings until 2016 rolls around). I also have last-minute brides who contact me and are lucky to get an open date! It’s all luck of the draw!”

How long have you been in business?

“I have been in business since 2009. It’s been wonderful!”

How many weddings have you shot?

“I don’t know the exact number, but it’s close to 200 now!”

 How would you describe your photography style? (e.g. traditional, photojournalistic, creative)

“My style is a wonderful, healthy mix! I absolutely love candid photography to focus on the emotion and reality of the wedding day – those little moments that you simply cannot plan. I also include a traditional aspect to my work, because I want my brides and grooms to have beautiful, classic portraiture to share with their grandchildren in a pretty, gilded frame. It’s all about when to step back and when to direct, a delicate balance that takes a lot of perfecting.

My editing style is bright, colorful, and classic. I want my couple’s photos to age well with them over time and never look “soooo 2014”.”

How would you describe your working style? (e.g. blends into the background and shoots what unfolds naturally, or creates a more visible presence by taking charge and choreographing shots)

“Again, this all depends on where we are in the wedding day. Lots of the time I’m working in a more candid and “unseen” style, but I’m also crazy organized and able to direct when it’s time. This helps the rest of the wedding day to flow well.”

What do you think distinguishes your work from that of other photographers?

“A focus on family. I believe that the biggest, most important part of the wedding day is family. You, the bride and groom, become a family. A father gives away his daughter. Children will grow up and not remember the actual wedding day, but they will learn about it through photos. Grandparents may be gone all too soon. Friends who are like a second family while you were away at college celebrate with you. It’s all about family, and since I believe that in my heart I hope to translate that importance into the wedding day photography.” 

What type of equipment do you use?

“All Nikon, lots of lenses, lots of backup gear, and professional studio flash equipment. I won’t bore you with the details, but it was really expensive and fancy.”

Do you shoot in digital or film format or both?

“Just digital!”

What was your favorite/memorable wedding that you photographed?

“It’s so funny you ask this, because I can literally remember the feeling of being at every single wedding that I’ve photographed. Sometimes I can even remember what I wore. I remember the toasts, the weather, my favorite image from the day. It’s all in this weird wedding-photographer-memory-bank that I have.

Although I can’t exactly pinpoint my one favorite wedding, I’ll tell you that I’ve seen father/daughter dances that make me cry like a baby, best man speeches that are a little “borderline”, children who are the cutest (and curious) little flower girls and ring bearers ever, mothers who stand back and smile as their little girl puts on her wedding dress, and brides and grooms who go on to start their own families. It’s all of these special moments that I hold really dear, as I’m honored to be a part of every single couple’s story.”


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