Party Bites

December 21, 2015

When planning the menu for a party, there are a few items that are almost always on our list – from crostini, to homemade dips and artisanal cheese boards – here’s a look at a few of our party essentials.

Party foods should be easy to eat in one bite – the last thing you want is for your guests to maneuver a fork while juggling a plate and champagne. Some of our favorite party-friendly foods that are both delicious and can be enjoyed with ease include mini savory tacos and assorted chef crafted steamed dumplings.


Photography: Steven Dray


Photography: Kelsey Kradel

Even though the appetizer is bite-sized, it should still pack a punch of flavor in order to tantalize your palate. Opt for recipes that layer ingredients with different textures – think crunchy with creamy, flaky with smooth – to create an irresistible bite. One of our favorite party bites are crostini, such as our butternut squash cranberry bruschetta with sage infused goat cheese on whole grain crostini. Another crowd-pleaser is our heirloom tomato and fresh mozzarella skewers. Pro tip: for a true color nod to the season, add some chiffonade of fresh basil to create a dazzling red, white and green combo. Yum!


Photography: Kelsey Kradel


Photography: Steven Dray

Make your party food the center of attention and have your guests feast their eyes on a beautiful display of local, artisanal cheeses or delectable one bite wonders. To assemble a well-constructed crudité platter or cheese plate, use an array of local products such as pickled vegetables, artisanal cheeses and of course, fresh baguettes! Get creative with your display and include flowers, garlands and season fruit and vegetables to create a truly irresistible look. 


For delicious recipes for cocktail appetizers and party snacks, visit Serious Eats.

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