On Trend and In Bloom: 2016 Florals

March 11, 2016

Our floral and design teams are about to embark upon our most ambitious and exciting wedding season yet. 2016 promises to have some of the most diverse floral trends in recent memory- from serious throwbacks to glam to a renewed love of nature. We are creating some unique blooming trends, and here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect from our floral and design studio, Garnish Event Design!

Pro-Tip: Pick florals that suit your season and region. You’ll have a wide variety of fresh blooms and it’s an eco-friendly way to celebrate!

Foraged, Wild, Woodlands

Photos by Veronica Varos (right), Christina Emilie (left)

Photos by Veronica Varos (right), Christina Emilie (left)

Locally grown wild flowers with a touch of wild greenery continuing to top the wish-list of posh eco-friendly couples. As the “farm to fete” concept continues to rock the wedding world this year hyper-local bridal bouquets and centerpieces are the height of sophistication…and green practices. We are busy weaving woodland dreams by incorporating lush ferns, greens and foraged branches from Pennsylvania’s forests into many of our bouquets, décor, and tablescapes.

Organic Bouquets

Photos by Elizabeth Anne Studios (left), Christina Emilie (right)

Photos by Elizabeth Anne Studios (left), Christina Emilie (right)

It’s not just about the florals here… it’s all about the shape. If “Freshly gathered from the garden” is your vibe, forget the tight ball-shaped bouquets and go for an armful of visually interesting foliage and blooms that naturally cascade to one or both sides.

Vintage Chic

Out with the old mason jars and in with the sparkling and elegant antiques! Couples are reaching for more interesting and unique vases paired with rich textiles to create an elevated farm-fresh look for their florals. At Garnish, we have an array of vintage glassware that, when mixed with our designs, create a feel of vintage elegance.


King’s Tables Lined with Blooms and Garlands of Green

Two families become one, so choose a seat not a table. Trending this season are the elegant and regal King’s tables. Say farewell to the days of multiple round tables set around the dance floor. Couples are opting for extra long King’s tables to bring their families and guests together as one. To provide depth and luxury, we are lining our tables with lush blooms and thick, hand-woven garlands of green.

Color Report: Rose Quartz


“Like a serene sunset, flushed cheek or budding flower, Rose Quartz reminds us to reflect on our surroundings during the busy but lighthearted spring and summer months.” – Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute

There is no doubt that this Pantone “2016 Color of the Year” will be making it’s way into our design studio and in the hands of our brides and event planners. The soothing calm nature of Rose Quartz delights as a gentle tone that conveys compassion and composure- qualities that are welcome and needed on any wedding day!

Wearable Blooms

Photos by Christina Emilie (right), Elizabeth Anne Studios (left)

Photos by Christina Emilie (right), Elizabeth Anne Studios (left)

Last season, we delighted in adorning the hair, wrists, heads, lapels and more of our brides and grooms and their spectacular bridal parties. Floral headpieces continue to turn heads from large flower crowns to dedicate flower hair clips…but there’s more! The Garnish design team has been busy creating wearable floral jewelry and dramatic floral statement pieces- perfect for the brides and grooms that crave that extra touch to showcase their distinct styles.


Foodie Gone Floral

Photos by Veronica Varos (right), Christina Emilie (left)

Photos by Veronica Varos (left), Christina Emilie (right)

Our designers are playing with their food! Herbs, citrus, and other edibles create the perfect accent to any design. We love adding unexpected items like artichokes and ornamental kale to tablescapes and bouquets to add gorgeous textures and intense pops of color.

For more on trend and in bloom florals visit Garnish Event Design! 

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