National Dessert Day #JPCStyle

October 14, 2015

Whether it’s a piece of heavenly chocolate cake, peach pie, cookies or a scoop of your favorite ice cream, there’s always room for dessert! And here the chef’s of JPC Event Group are always busy cooking up all kinds of sweet endings to any meal. Over the years, we’ve baked decadent cakes, scrumptious cookies, rustic pies and many other divine desserts. Today is National Dessert Day, a holiday that will have us indulging in our favorite sweet treat. For the perfect way to celebrate this sweet food holiday here’s a look at some of our favorite dessert moments along with a few delicious recipes.

Today, have your cake and eat it too!

JPC_dessert day


JPC desserts 1

Scrumptious dessert display created by the chef’s of JPC Event Group and the JPC Event Group design team.


JPC desserts 2

Artisan crafted Peach Ginger Preserve #weddingfavor #vintage display by JPC Event Group. Kelsey Kradel Photography


JPC desserts 3

Hand made donuts and a custom display created and designed by Garnish. Veronica Varos Photography


JPC desserts 9

Mini Brown Sugar Glazed Graham Cracker Doughnuts found on Pinterest.


JPC desserts 5

Bananas foster with house churned vanilla ice cream and walnut banana bread. Christina Shields Photography


JPC desserts 4

Frangipane almond tarts with organic raspberries by JPC Event Group. Craig Photography


JPC desserts 8

Brandied Caramel Apple Pie found on Pinterest.


JPC desserts 7

Double Baked Chocolate Meringue Brownie found on Pinterest.


JPC desserts 6

Custom mini marble poundcake cupcakes with vanilla buttercream.


PicMonkey Collage

A study of peanut butter and jelly (top) with grape flan, peanut butter panna cotta, peanut butter and jelly empanda and strawberry mousse. Apple tartine (bottom) with salted caramel apple mousse.

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