Matrimonial Mix ‘n’ Match with Lush Linens

March 15, 2016

Stylish décor has to start with a stylish foundation. Mixing patterns and textures is so hot right now. Add a visual “pop!” by mixing and matching your linens based on color, pattern, and texture is super on-trend for 2016 weddings. 

Here are five ideas to inspire you to go on your own mix-‘n’-match adventure!


1.)   A Stand Out Sweetheart Table


– Joey Kennedy Photography

– Floral and event design: Garnish Event Design

Make your sweetheart table shine with an ultra-luxe and textured linen that is totally different that your guests’ tables. Not only will it make a gorgeous photo opp, but it will give you and your sweetie a special place to land and take it all in.

2.)    Mixing Textures


– Nicole Cassano Photography

– Floral and event design: Garnish Event Design

Layering organic fabrics, like a burlap or canvass and topping with overtop a modern patterned runner or something uber-luxe like vintage lace will add dimension and richness. This look works especially well for rustic-luxe, boho-chic or  outdoor themed weddings. Want more cool options? Try raw wood tables with topped mod patterned materials and glitter to take your tables to the next level!

3.)  Layering Bold Patterns and Colors


Found on Zulily

The true fashionistas and fashionistos know the key to a bold but chic look is mixing colorful patterns in unexpected combinations. This creates an atmosphere that is fabulously funky totally avant-garde that will wow your guests. (Pro-tip: Make sure your venue can handle it! Work with your space, not against it.)

4.) A Sprinkle of Sequins


Veronica Varos Photography, Christine Shields Photography

– Floral and event design: Garnish Event Design

Glam is BACK in a big way this year. By alternating densely sequined table cloths with more subtle fabrics throughout your event, you create a dramatic effect that will elevate you event décor in a flash. We love mixing sequins with rustic features to add dimension and polish without inspiring your guests to get up and disco.

5.) Embrace the Seasons With Non-Traditional Fabrics


Christine Shields Photography

– Floral and event design: Garnish Event Design

Feel free to embrace the seasonality of your wedding with unexpected textiles! At our recent Herbs & Plaid showcase and client tasting, we utilized cozy wool plaid throws over sleek grey linens for a woodland themed winter wedding.

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