March 22, 2012

Element {el-u-munt, noun }: an ingredient or component of a mixture. a cause that contributes to a result; a factor.

At JPC Element Cafe, we believe quality, organic, sustainable elements are the foundation of the best food and the basis of the best business practices.  We are very excited to be bringing our organic. local. sustainable. concept to the downtown Butler corridor. 

Set to open Monday March 26th, we have carefully crafted the interior of the cafe with sustainable wood, metal and glass accents, using local artisans and businesses throughout the process.  We have formed alliances with local farms, and organic, free-range egg farmers, as well as local dairies.  The coffee that we will serve was carefully selected based upon the fair trade ethics and business principles behind Starbuck’s Seattle’s Best and Tazo tea lines.  

We are also featuring Blue Sky Certified Organic soda along side the traditional Coca-Cola beverages.  

The stylish compostable and sustainable dinnerware we will use is Verterra, and our cups, straws and bamboo coffee stirrers are from biodegradable corn and post consumer kraft paper created by Eco-Products. Sandwich wrap, bagel boxes, bakery bags, takeout soup containers, coffee boxes, boxed lunch and delivery bags… you name it…it is all post consumer content from the finest bio-companies carefully selected for their sustainability, low carbon footprint, and ease of recycling or composting. 


Our beautiful logo, menus and papergoods were designed by Karrie Pyke Designs of San Diego, and were printed by GreenerPrinter of soy inks, and Print Center in New Castle.  Karrie also created the design of our website at which was then coded and produced by Plumb Media of Pittsburgh.  Plumb Media also created our on-line order platform to make delivery and pick-up a breeze for you or your office.

Our exterior signage and vinyl lettering were created and installed by local artisan Rick’s Signs of Butler from Karrie’s logo design.

Obviously, Element Cafe has been a labor of love with contributions from many fine artists, vendors and local businesses.  We appreciate the hard work of each and every local plumber, electrician, painter and carpenter and are proud to credit them in our project!  We also thank our partners Verterra and Eco-Products, as well as industry friends for their input and advice {Thank you Jon Brown, Meryl Snow, Josh Parker, and Steve Sanchez}.  We also thank Joe Gray and Franus Architects for keeping the project going from an architectural and engineering standpoint- we couldn’t have done it without Joe’s guidance and knowledge.  We thank the JPCEG staff for their participation in sourcing great items, lending a hand with all tasks big and small {William},and seeking out the very best from potato chips to paperbags {:) Allyson} . And The Butler Eagle, Table Magazine, and Butler Downtown for helping us get the word out about the opening!

And most importantly, we thank you in advance Butler for your support and patronage…now let’s get some coffee brewing!  YAHOO!




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