The Design Desk: The Wrapper

December 18, 2015

Have you ever received a beautiful package that was so beautifully wrapped, it was almost too pretty to open? The gift wrap is what everyone notices first and should get as much though as the gift. Each year JPC Event Group hand crafts special treats – from our famous popcorn to local beer bottles, homemade jams and chutneys and even freshly pressed cocktail mixes – for our industry partners and venues.

Jody Wimer’s creative eye for design helps create unforgettable packages with exquisite attention to detail.  Here are some ways our gift-wrap guru says we can upgrade our gift presentations, straight from The JPC Design Desk:

  • Keep everything organized! Put together a handy-dandy wrapping box, tray or drawer to keep all of your supplies organized. If you can, try to have a designated room for wrapping as well.
  • Choose a color scheme to add a personalized touch.  Each year, Jody creates her own signature packaging style by selecting a color palette and running headlong into it. Last year it was red plaid everything mixed with red and white dots. This year shines bright with gold, white and black with a mix of Kraft paper and burlap accents.
  • Look for unique decorative items. Incorporate unique decorative items such as unusual ribbons, feathers, buttons and embellishments to incorporate different textures and patterns to make your present stand out.
  • Use ribbon to upgrade the look of your packages. “I always buy big Bolts of satin and velvet ribbon online at Ribbon Retreat or Amazon because it automatically upgrades the look of your packages.


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  • Create your own customized wrapping paper. Create your own customized wrapping paper by using plain Kraft paper and adding calligraphy words or carol lyrics. To complete the look, use velvet ribbon and a branch of cotton on stick or evergreen.
  • Personalize each present with your own gift tags. “I often design my own and have my friends at Print Center print them for me.” If you’re in a pinch and don’t have time to design your own gift tags, Hobby Lobby is a great source of nice quality options.
  • Color code your presents. A fun way to distinguish a large quantity of gifts during the holiday season is assigning each family member a different color paper. “I assign each of my children a different color or pattern so as to know what belongs to each and then I add the gift tags on Christmas Eve to avoid snoopy elves.” This can create a cohesive look and is a unique way for everyone to identify his or her presents.

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