How to plan the perfect Pittsburgh bridal shower

April 22, 2013

Bridal Shower Planning

by Jody Wimer CEO/Creative Director JPC Event Group/GARNISH Event Design

You’re excited to “shower” the bride with love, good wishes and gifts as she prepares for married life, but you’re daunted by the planning? Follow my favorite tips for a great planning experience…


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1. To Theme or Not to Theme

One of the most important decisions of your planning process will be whether to utilize a theme or not. Consider the bride and her tastes, as well as any quirky or fun aspects within the bride and groom’s history together that could make the event unique. This first step in planning then guides the location you choose, the décor, food served, and so much more to create a cohesive setting. Top trend shower themes…. Sex in the City, an Activity Shower {think cooking lessons or floral arranging} and Vineyard Wine Tasting.

2. An Event All its Own

Because the bride may have multiple showers and pre-wedding events, I always suggest creating an event plan that is all its own and does not duplicate any of the color schemes or aspects of the wedding or reception. It will be a fresh and unique memory for the guest of honor.

3. Make Room For the Groom

You’ve heard it said a lot “…it’s his day too!” and well, it is. So consider a trendy couples shower in the form of a unisex cocktail or dinner party, or at least invite and welcome the man of the hour to appear at the event to express his thankfulness and gratitude to the guests.

4. Consider the Gifts

The very nature of a shower is to help set the couple up for their new life together. When creating your event plan, don’t forget to consider the gifts. While bath towels and hand mixers are necessary components of newlywed life, if the bride and groom are already prepared in these areas, consider suggesting a gift giving theme that will better meet their needs. Top trends right now in shower gift giving… a money tree, gift card showers, and honeymoon funding websites.

5. Gaming

Some brides dread them, and others embrace them with relish…so it’s a role of the dice whether to incorporate shower games at the event or not. Consider if they fit the theme you have chosen, if they fit the “style” of your bride, and if they lend to the atmosphere of the event you have planned. If so…have fun with them! If not…it is quite acceptable to forgo this tradition!

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