Happy Earth Day: JPC’s Favorite Sustainable Partners!

April 22, 2016

For over 18 years, our award winning company has taken pride in committing ourselves to offering our clients truly high quality experiences, with a dedication to farm to table, green, and sustainable formats. This very reason is why we take the extra time to appreciate Earth Day and other companies who have the same values and missions as we do when it comes to sustainability and going over the top for clients to make sure that it is achieved. Like Wendell Berry once said, “The earth is what we all have in common,” and we need to take care of it.


Recently, we have been introduced to a new company in the Pittsburgh area, 412 Food Rescue. 412 Food Rescue works with food retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, caterers, universities and other food providers to rescue un-sellable, but perfectly good food! While food providers do not often have the resources to consistently redirect food to community organizations who need it, 412 Food Rescue has found the solution to this problem and a way to facilitate the food.1442941380551FoodRescue-Truck-1024x785-1024x785


With their own truck and volunteers who use their own cars and bikes to move food from donors to beneficiary organizations. 412 Food Rescue has made it their priority to only rescue fresh, perishable and healthy foods!


412 Food Rescue is a community-wide effort to end hunger and reduce food waste, and after a well-educated class by one of their representatives, we now understand the need more than ever. According to Feeding America, 171,660 people in Allegheny County are food insecure, 43,090 of whom are children. The other half of the problem is that 40% of our food, which translates to 20 pounds of food per person per month.


JPC Event Group is extremely excited to partner with 412 Food Rescue for our upcoming season and donate our extra food from wedding and events! We hope you will as well!

Another company that we are thrilled to work with this year is Zero Fossil. This company was founded on the idea that everyone should have the ability to generate their own clean, sustainable energy. They practice and embrace the paradigm shift in green thinking of our local community. Pittsburgh is often remembered for the smoky days of steel production, but Zero Fossil has been helping the city to evolve into a model for economic development. As it turns out, with rails-to-trails, riverfront revitalization and topping the charts in LEED certified building, the Pittsburgh Region is far ahead of the curve in green energy and conservation.


This August, JPC Event Group will be working with Zero Fossil on a wedding at Carrie Furnace that is completely relying upon solar powered generated electricity. Like this wedding, Zero Fossil is taking control of other large events and spaces as well! The company has just created the new idea of “Fossil Free Friday.” Today, on Earth Day, Zero Fossil is powering Pittsburgh’s Downtown Mellon Square! We are amazed at how far they have taken their company and the things they are doing to make this world a more sufficient and sustainable place!

Thank you 412 Food Rescue & Zero Fossil for partnering with our company and being leaders for sustainability in this industry!

Happy Earth Day, everyone!


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