Photography by:Christina Shields

Local and


As much as possible, we buy locally and utilize organic and locally grown seasonal foods and culinary products from our farm partners. Our commitment to sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint of our company extends to the food purveyors and growers associations that we purchase from. We are also vigilantly watchful of the safe harvest and sustainability of the seafood that we serve.

It’s all natural

Through our catering division, Savor by JPC Event Group, we have built a reputation for great food by using all-natural, old-fashioned cooking methods. From making pastry from scratch to slowly cooking our savory dishes, we make almost all our menu items by hand, using organic, local ingredients rather than frozen or pre-packaged foods. JPC Style is about haute cuisine…not hot boxes.

We Recycle

It’s even better when recycled! All of our cardboard, paper and aluminum is recycled. At party sites and in our kitchen we sort and recycle glass and plastic. We also exclusively use VerTerra – dinnerware from fallen leaves™ that is truly sustainable. Nothing is cut down or harvested, the dinnerware is chemical free and certified compostable, and can be used to provide a modern, chic platform for any dish.