April 27, 2010

OK…so we’re ready to talk about this Eco-rustic craze, and how we plan to incorporate it into our JPC menus!

We’ve long been proponents of fresh, sustainable and organic food sources for our catering company.  A paradigm that drives our menu sourcing, as well as creation.  So—we’re excited to say that we are going to take this a step further!  Our new JPC wedding menu for 2011 launches tomorrow on the website  and each section features hand crafted “Farm-to-table” selections that are based on farm fresh produce, heirloom herbs grown in our own JPC herb garden, and meats and dairy sourced from farms within 40 miles of our facility!

And the bounty and goodness don’t end there!  Each season we will also be featuring Seasonal Harvest items designed around the best the farm has to offer that time of year.  These items will be offered to you at your menu planning appointment based upon how your event date coincides with the growing season.

We are so excited about taking this next step toward freshness and eco-responsibility.  And are thrilled to be supporting local growers and farms through several growers consortiums. Of course, as has always been the case, organic and sustainable produce, meats and dairy will still be used on the off-seasons from national sources, and we have always maintained safe seafood responsibility through our monitoring of the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

Get ready for some serious deliciousness!

Jody & Richard Wimer
Jody’s Pantry Catering and Event Group



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