Confection lovers rejoice!

June 5, 2015

Confection lovers rejoice- today is National Doughnut Day! With a treat that’s available in many shapes, sizes and countless flavors, it’s easy to see how so many will count this as the “best day ever”.


Photo by Deborah Reny

This time-honored treat roots back to the battlefields of France during World War I, when the Salvation Army workers served coffee and doughnuts to the brave soldiers in the trenches. During this time, rations were poor, so the idea of the doughnut was conceived as a means of boosting the morale and bringing the soldiers good cheer. To this date, the iconic treat still has the same humbling effect and can bring people of all ages great comfort and joy!

Donut_1 Donut_3 Donut

Photo by Hot Metal Studio

 Did you know that the most popular doughnuts in America are cream filled, followed by glazed? At JPC Event Group, we offer an array of gourmet doughnuts in a variety of traditional and inventive flavors to please every palate. Our team works tirelessly to develop the perfect recipe for your special event. Recipe research and development is SOOOOO yummy! After a few trials, we were able to develop the perfect light and fluffy cake doughnut that is sure to please every guest.

Some of our traditional flavors include strawberry glaze and chocolate cake, and a few of our unique variations include maple bacon, caramel filled chocolate drop doughnuts, ricotta fritters, apple cider doughnut holes and red velvet doughnut with cream cheese.Donut_4

Recipe testing at JPC Event Group

Looking for a unique way to incorporate this scrumptious sweet treat into your next event? Our delightful house made donut station is the perfect display that offers a variety of flavors in a fun and creative way. If you want a more daring way to serve your favorite doughnuts, consider our flambé donut holes created by Chef James and team. These warm, heavenly sweets are topped with ice cream and will definitely have your guests floating on cloud nine!


Photo by Veronica Varos

At JPC Event Group we love to create the perfect ending for your special event so that your guests depart with a sugar-induced smile on their face, and sweet memories of the occasion. Surprise your guests with an unexpected gourmet treat as they exit and serve an assortment of warm, bite-sized doughnuts presented in adorable cones. This thoughtful and tasty treat will surely make your guests feel special as they leave with full tummies and big smiles.


Photo by Hot Metal Studio

Looking for a spot to celebrate this delicious holiday in the Steel City? Look no further than Peace, Love & Little Donuts! This groovy little 1970’s inspired donut and coffee shop serves fresh doughnuts packed with funky flavors. Awarded best donut shop in America, Peace Love & Little Donuts serves nothing but exceptional donuts. Their original location is in the Strip District and with our new office on the Northside, we know where we will be headed this Friday to celebrate!


Photo from Peace, Love & Little Donuts

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