Choreographed Wedding Dances: The Trend with all the Right Moves

July 22, 2015

While perusing social media in the wee hours of the night, you can’t help but come across at least one of your friends who have recently entered the ever changing realm of matrimony. Maybe you aren’t just experiencing weddings from the outside looking in; perhaps you yourself are planning a wedding for either yourself or a loved one—but regardless, there have never been more options of what you can do when it comes to that special day.

Photo:  Rachel Rowland Photography
Rachel Rowland Photography

With this YouTube age that we live in, the idea of making your wedding one of a kind has led to all sorts of unique trends, typically created to make fun memories that are easy to share with friends and family online in the form of videos, vines, and pictures, with some of these going viral and gaining millions of hits! The most viral trend of all being the ever hilarious and always impressive choreographed wedding dance. Whether or not you, your bridal party, or your significant other have any dance training is totally moot, from a walk down the aisle to dubstep or a Michael Jackson tribute to open your reception, choreographed dances are meant to be silly and fun. No one is expecting anyone to go ‘en pointe’—though it would be pretty amazing if you did!

Rachel Rowland Photography

Rachel Rowland Photography

The idea of the choreographed wedding dance seems to be a relatively recent phenomenon, appearing within the last decade. True, dancing together to the Electric Slide, the Macarena, or some other line-dance song from early 80s and 90s can be viewed as “choreographed dances”, but let’s just say that 00s have given birth to a little more ingenuity (and much better musical accompaniment!).

A fun and funky example of a reception that got its groove on is this video of some groomsmen from Chicago surprising the bride with some top notch choreography and killer dance moves: 

Another fun surprise came from this bride and groom duo, who tricked everyone into thinking they were just going to do a slow and simple first dance, but they turned it up with some fancy footwork and killer attitude: 

The most famous of all of these choreographed wedding dances, with a whopping 90 million views and 300k likes (yes, you read that correctly!) is of this wedding party jamming down the aisle to the song “Forever” by Chris Brown: 

 Videos like these are the halfway point between hilarious and moving, and are a memorable way to get everyone in on the wedded bliss. If you’re a Pittsburgher interested in doing this and would like some help in crafting the most epic wedding dance the world has ever seen, check out these local studios who can help you and yours get your freak on:

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