Catching Up

April 11, 2011

I so love a good before and after…to really showcase what an amazing feat it was to take the State Farmshow Complex and turn it into an elegant inaugural ball, let’s start there.




Yes…I know…WOW huh?  Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about what preparing for 5000 guests entails!

7 days with 1000 chef hours: {that’s JPC sous chef Jennifer in the middle!}


5 catering companies coming together to assist The JDK Group in culinary production: that’s chef Richard in the right corner during the tactical meeting.

Rentals from Washington DC, New York, Pittsburgh and Harrisburg, and alot of hard work by the JDK team:

Game day!  280 service staff led by the JDK team: {yes all those vans were police and military security for the event!}

JPC sous chef Jeremy and executive chef Richard creating flaming mushrooms with crostini during the ball:

William, Trina, Roger and Jody { taking photos as usual 🙂 } were there too:

With 13 crystal chandeliers, linens by Mosaic of Pittsburgh, 5 performance food stations dedicated to the regions of Pennsylvania, 2 sky bars for VIP’s, 4 jumbotron screens, 3 bands, and yes…even sniffing guard dogs, it was a true event production:

An awesome experience– congratulations to JDK for all their hard work, and to Governor Corbett! 

Thank you to our JDK Group friends for the opportunity to assist and to experience this once-in-a-lifetime event.  For even more information click here to see the feature the New Castle News shared about our trip!

Photo credits: JPC Event Group

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