Autumn Bounty

July 18, 2010

When we think of Fall, we dream of eggplants, artichokes, yams and sweet potatoes, aromatic spices like cinnamon and clove, and our favorite– butternut squash.  With that in mind, we have been formulating some Autumn inspired menu options for upcoming events.

Because it is so diffcult to choose just one potato…we thought…why not roast a variety together!  Hence our new herb roasted potato blend.  Yams, yukon golds, and purple fingerlings are tossed together in olive oil, sea salt and a blend of fresh herbs from the JPC herb garden, then oven roasted till crisp on the outside and tender on the inside.  Delicious.

Next up…the orzo toscano…italian herbs, garlic, orzo, wild rice, artichoke hearts, mushroom slices and a host of other goodness blend together to make this savory side dish perfect for rice lovers.

And certainly not to be forgotten, the JPC famous whipped potatoes.  We have so many flavor profiles for our whipped potatoes, and this is certainly a favorite amoung our patrons.  This side dish also performs excellently for those events hosted at a site with no kitchen facilities.  Some of our favorites you ask…the yukon gold whipped potatoes with asiago cheese and sage are tops on our list!  Followed by our garlic mashed, the parmesan mashed yukon golds, cinnamon and clove mashed sweet potatoes with orange marmalade, and the fresh chive and cheddar mashed redskins.

Don’t you wish there was smell-o-vision for computer monitors!?

And not to be left out…here is a first peak at some of the new braised meats we are testing for the Fall season… A hot trend in culinary corners, braised meats are succulent, tender and packed with flavor!  Meet our Rustic Braised Beef Medallions…resplendent with burgundy wine, slow roasted vegetables and our housemade beef stock.  Oh my!


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