A Date Night Menu Written in the Stars

January 28, 2016

We’ve all heard the pick-up line, “What’s your sign?” far too many times that it’s become a long overused joke, but, maybe, just maybe, these folks are onto something. Astrology and relationships have long been entwined and, since food is the way to your partner’s heart, perhaps cooking for his or her star sign is the perfect way in.

We’ve paired some of our famous chef prepared dishes with every zodiac sign to help inspire your next date night meal!

-This piece has been adapted from Spoon University.


Capricorn – Pierogi


Chef crafted pierogi by Savor Fresh Catering

Hard and diligent workers, Capricorns are not interested in the frilly and fussy things in life. So when it comes to cooking, the perfect way to impress one of these constant overachievers is to make a meal that’s simply delicious – without all the frills.

If you’ve ever made pierogi, you know that it’s a long process, but the payoff is well worth it. A Capricorn will not only savor every bite of the homey dumplings but they will also appreciate that you’re willing to put in all the hard work.


Aquarius – Homemade Sushi


Chef crafted spring roll by Savor Fresh Catering

Aquariuses are eclectic and creative. They are big on making the world a better place it’s in their wheelhouse to participate in #MeatlessMonday or even take the step all the way to vegetarian. With spring rolls, you can be both creative and socially-conscious, which would delight any Aquarius.


Pisces – Rustic Galette


Rustic heirloom tomato and herb galette by Savor Fresh Catering

Pisces, similar to Capricorn, aren’t looking for an elaborate meal, but for a very different reason. In fact, if you spent hours in the kitchen cooking for your partner, he or she might feel a little guilt. Pisces appreciate the simple things in life and are generally patient and gentle creatures. That’s why breakfast for dinner is a delicious, sweet and thoughtful gesture that can go a long way.


Aries – Citrus Glazed Salmon


Citrus glazed Alaskan king salmon with roasted heirloom potato medley and mélange of summer squashes by Savor Fresh Catering

Aries are ambitious, spontaneous, and super competitive, but one thing they are not is patient. If you’re planning on preparing a five course meal for your Aries, you better have it ready before your partner arrives. Otherwise, your better bet is to make a delicious (and healthy since Aries can be pretty active) meal, such as salmon, that doesn’t take too long.


Taurus – Artisan Pasta


Artisan pasta station by Savor Fresh Catering

Taurus may get a bad rep for being particularly stubborn and inflexible, but they’re extremely loving, patient and not to mention persistent.

Pasta is a wonderful dish to make for your Taurus since he or she will enjoy having something so familiar.


Gemini – Pomegranate Guacamole


House guacamole with pomegranate and white corn tortilla chips by Savor Fresh Catering

Gemini are known as “the twins” for a reason. This sign is known to have extreme versatility and love novelty and trying new things. Therefore, giving a Gemini an unexpected food combination, like housemade guacamole with pomegranate, is the best way to win them over. Your partner will love the way you embrace the unusual element, just like them.


Cancer – Baked Mac and Cheese


Gourmet mac and cheese chef station by Savor Fresh Catering

Like Taurus, Cancer can be pretty stubborn, but they are particularly stubborn in the things that they love.

The best meal for them is simple and nostalgic, like a homemade mac and cheese. A childhood staple for many, this recipe brings back wonderful memories of coming home to Mom’s famous mac and cheese. Your partner will be immediately transported back to that time with every bite of cheesy goodness.


Leo – Steak Dinner


NY strip steak by Savor Fresh Catering

As the most dominant of all the signs, Leo’s might have a little problem with letting you take control of the cooking, but if you convince your partner to let you take the reins on this one, be sure you live up to those expectations.

Leos like lavish things and practicality is not really what they are looking for in a dish. They want a meal that tastes and looks fancy. Pull out all the stops and impress your Leo with a gourmet steak dinner with all the fixings.


Virgo – Artisan Cheese


Artisan cheese station by Savor Fresh Catering

Virgo’s are patient and practical, but since they’re not very emotionally expressive, it may be hard to read if your Virgo partner likes the meal you prepared. That’s why an artisan cheese board is your perfect match! Delicious cheese is always a crowd pleaser and your Virgo will appreciate the practically of it.


Libra – Steamed Dumplings


Assorted chef crafted steamed dumplings by Savor Fresh Catering

Nothing says romance like a shareable dinner and nobody loves romance quit
e like a Libra! As the most harmonious sign, Libra’s are very peaceable and calm. They are great at sharing and, in fact, they really like it! A Chinese dim sum style feast is meant for sharing, which is perfect for a Libra since it would give them an opportunity to share something with their loving partner.


Scorpio – Arepas


Arepas with habanero salsa by Savor Fresh Catering

Scorpio isn’t in it for what is on the surface, and a frilly meal means nothing to a Scorpio. They don’t care if it’s pretty; they care that you worked hard for them. Arepas are a labor of love, and the healthfulness will be appreciated by a Scorpio who needs to eat healthy to fuel all that energy in them. Incorporate some additional south of the border flavor by serving them with a spicy habanero salsa to compliment a Scorpio’s strong intensity!


Sagittarius – Gnocchi


Ricotta gnocchi by Savor Fresh Catering

Sagittariuses have a positive outlook on life. They love trying new things and want to see the world – they also want to taste the world! The best meal for them is an exotic dish, such as gnocchi, that brings them the flavors of the world. They’ll love knowing that you’re willing to travel the world, even just from the kitchen, with them.


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