Meet our Horses!

April 2, 2015

Picture your wedding ceremony or special gathering amidst the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania and the serenity of nature. At Rustic Acres Farm, you can create your own romantic setting with a rippling creek, expansive views, rolling fields of sunflowers and grazing horses.

Included in the farm grounds are two beautiful horses, Emme and Murphy. They are owned by JPC Owners Rick and Jody Wimer and reside at the farm. Emme and Murphy have become a welcome part of the events, photo shoots and even the backdrop of a few wedding ceremonies. 

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photo credit: Nicole Cassano Photography

Emme is a 5 year old off-track thoroughbred that has been with JPC since January 2013.  She did not have the necessary get up and go for racing and was retired very early.  Murphy is a 19 year old warm blood retired from an award winning career of jumping that has been with JPC since September 2011.

Both horses have been adopted from rescue situations. JPC has invested much love and time into keeping them healthy and happy.  They are very close friends now and enjoy spending their days together.  Emme is an excellent riding partner and enjoys being “busy.”  Murphy has a knee injury from his jumping days, and makes a great walking pal.   They love to hover by the farm fences and watch the festivities on wedding day and peacefully graze and run for the enjoyment of our guests. 


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